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Wendy Bockman
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Career Pilot

Our Point of Difference


A significant point of difference Career Pilot offers, is its ability to respond to participant’s timeframes and needs rather than locking them into a structured format.  Additionally, our Career Coaches are contactable at anytime to provide support when required.

  • Coach establishes a constructive and supportive relationship
  • Real and personalised advice, and handy hints with a down-to-earth approach
  • Client confidentiality ensured
  • Steps to career management whether currently employed or planning change at  sometime in the future
  • Established relationships with support organisations, allowing for appropriate referral where required
  • Up-to-date and realistic information about employment prospects, recruitment practices and procedures
  • The sales document; ‘the Resume’ is built through face-to-face sessions
  • Participants are given a range of ‘tools’ to enable them to compete in the job market





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