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Wendy Bockman
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"Wendy has provided outplacement services to my current and previous companies during times of restructures and "right sizing". I will continue to use Wendy as a provider of career transition services due to her high level of integrity, value for money, dedication to each individual she works with and personal touch which simply cannot be replicated by a large agency service." July 13, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity


Harriet Castle [Birchmore] - Air International and Jurlique
hired Wendy as a Outplacement Consultant in 2007 , and hired Wendy more than once



"I have utilised Wendy's services on more than one occasion for outplacement, retirement and career advice. I have found her to be very professional, flexible and can work with any employee throughout the organisation. I would highly recommend her." May 10, 2010
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity


Claire Hogarth - Clipsal

hired Wendy as a Outplacement in 2005, and hired Wendy more than once


"Wendy provides an extremely high level of outplacement service which exceeds both client and outplaced personnel's expectations. Her extensive experience, service orientation, eye for detail and ability to connect and source requirements all result in a holistic package which is not readily available from other providers in the marketplace. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy for any outplacement requirements." April 29, 2010

Elizabeth Kenny - student, Flinders University 
reported to Wendy at Career Pilot


"I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy for a number of years now in the Outplacement service market. Her business, Career Pilot continues to develop and grow and has gained a good reputation with the broader business community in SA. One thing that has always impressed me about her is her ability to remain calm, focused and balanced in any situation. Wendy is a true professional who can be relied on to achieve successful outcomes for her client groups. Wendy is a seasoned Outplacement, Career Transition and Career Coaching service provider, with a diverse client group including major Corporates here in SA. She thinks outside of the square and is able to tailor Outplacement solutions to meet the varying needs of her clients. I have worked with Wendy as a Senior Consultant and have also recommended my clients to her for specialist services. Wendy is a trusted source in the SA market and continues to grow her business as a result of her solid business ethics. I have no qualms in providing a professional recommendation for Wendy and her business Career Pilot." September 9, 2008

Susan Green - Principal Consultant, what matters - HR 


"Up until meeting Wendy I was never quite sure of what "outplacement" was. Since knowing Wendy and seeing the way she operates I now understand why the service is so necessary and how it all hinges on the provider. Wendy has an absolute knack of combining professionalism, commitment, compassion and reality to ensure that her clients receive the best possible information and support to transition from one area of employment to where they want to progress." April 6, 2010

Helen Wearing-Smith - Senior Consultant, Corus People Solutions 



"Wendy is the most competent, capable and highly experienced person in the area of Career Transition and Outplacement services I have come across in the market. She is highly professional with a warm, friendly and engaging manner to both clients and participants on her programs. Wendy's Career Pilot program is one I have personally used and find to be extremely helpful. Career Pilot is well structured, practical, insightful and a terrific source of information, ideas and suggestions for people at any level who are navigating their career transition." March 18, 2010

Tim Ridgway - owner, Human Interest Partners 



"Wendy Bockman inspires and rebuilds confidence in people who, for a variety of reasons, need  to pursue a new career path. I found Wendy compassionate, wise and motivational when   changing roles.  Her understanding of recruitment imperatives and advice to Candidates is valuable."


Kenn - Communications Advisor, Adelaide



"I was made redundant in September 2009 from a Senior Position for a National Company.  Wendy Bockman of Career Pilot was there when this took place and whilst the redundancy came as a shock to me, her immediate approach was gentle, understanding and sympathetic.  Career Pilot had been employed to assist me in the transition to alternative employment for a maximum period of two months.  Throughout that time I was very impressed with the overall professionalism, empathy and understanding of my requirements, skill sets and personal circumstances.  Wendy was able to tailor her resources to meet those considerations and at every aspect of the process I was not only impressed but enjoyed the journey.  Without a doubt Career Pilot is well able to assist any job hunter, whatever their circumstances and ensure that all elements of job hunting, upskilling, resume preparation, coaching and mentoring are met with enthusiasm, total commitment and dedication to the recruitment industry.  Thank you Wendy and Career Pilot."


Ian Bellingham MBE, General Manager



"I used Wendy and Career Pilot services to help me get back into my chosen profession after being made redundant as a result of the global financial crisis. She advised me how to update my resume to give it a more professional look and feel, and helped me with networking tips and contacts within my industry.  As a result of the professional approach she took to helping me re-enter the workforce, and after following a lead she provided through one of her industry contacts, I was able to secure a job within a short period of time."


Martin, Mechanical Engineer



"I'll always be grateful for your help, support and advice... you were right eventually the right role comes around!"


Andrew W., Operations Manager



"Wendy was very supportive during my job search efforts. She helped me understand important aspects of the interview process, and her assistance in developing my resume was particularly helpful."


P.S., Pricing/Claims Officer



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